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Introducing ApolloOne

A photo and video viewer created by photographer for photographers

Introducing ApolloOne
The Fastest Mac Image Viewer

by Anogeissus

Ultra high-performance photo and video viewer
EXIF / XMP viewer and editor
Digital asset management tool

Created by photographers who understand your needs

High-performance photo viewer

View photos at 35fps (24MP JPEG images using Mac Studio)
Preview RAW files instantly

User Customizable Toolbar

Extensive Customization

Fast Files Culling with Auto Advance Mode

Speed up your workflow after shooting a large collection of photos

Powerful EXIF Inspector

Comprehensive camera metadata
Metadata can be edited easily

Interactive Apple and Google Maps

Full featured maps
 Edit GPS location data using drag-and-drop

Spotlight Indexing

Quickly find photos using
address or camera
shooting data

Slideshow Presentation

GPU-accelerated slideshow
transitions with configurable
options and iTunes music
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