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Version 2.2.0 has been released!

  • This is actually a substantial release compared to the last version 2.1.3. There are about 20+ improvements and bug fixes.

  • A few subtle and nasty bugs leading to app crash have been identified and fixed.

  • There have been reports of One-month trial only lasting a few minutes. This is due to a bug with Apple's App Store, not everyone is affected. This release should work around the App Store bug so you should be able to resume your trial after the update. Please email us if it didn't fix this issue.

  • You can now resize the thumbnails. Go into Contact Sheet mode, and adjust the zoom slider on the Toolbar (it is the same zoom slider for magnifying images while in photo viewing mode).

  • Video thumbnails now load a LOT faster.

  • There is speed increase in loading images when clicking a folder in the Browser.

  • You can now rename a file quickly by double clicking the filename in the Title/Toolbar.

  • Slideshow transition time can now be set to 0.0 second, so that the transition can be skipped.

  • ExifTool is updated to the latest release 11.20.

Version 2.2.x is likely to be the last version supporting macOS 10.9 and 10.10. New features have been planned for version 3.0.0, and it would require new features in macOS 10.11 and up.


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