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Version 2.6.0 has been released!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This is a major release, with many cool new features and performance upgrades.

The Contact Sheet has been completely rewritten to provide unprecedented speed when opening folders with large number of images. Gone is the dreaded color wheel when opening folders with thousands of files. It is now instantaneous. Even sorting a folder with 5000 images can be done in a flash.

Browsing images with thousand of images is very fast and fluid in both picture viewing mode and Contact Sheet mode.

You can now browse the contents of Smart Folders created by Finder. You can add the folder containing all your Smart Folders (Finder Saved Searches) to Places so you can browse the Smart Folders quickly.

On the User Interface front, there is a new handle bar above the film strip for resizing the thumbnails and film strip in picture viewing mode. Just grab the handle bar and move your mouse up or down to resize.

There is a new EXIF Toolbox menu. It provides a set of powerful tools for changing file creation date, modification date, camera digitized creation date, etc. It also lets you shift the digitized creation date time by an offset value (fixing timezone issue with images). You can remove specific metadata group before uploading your images to the Internet for sharing (for privacy purpose). The best part is that all these functions also work for video files!

ApolloOne can now locate camera RAW files in a subfolder one level below the current folder instead of the same folder where you put the JPEG files. This permits better organization of RAW and JPEG files. There is nothing you need to do, it does it automatically for you.

Support is added for AF Point display for Olympus OM-D cameras.

There is a new menu item for exporting the image displayed by ApolloOne to a JPEG file. This allows one to export a RAW image decoded by the internal RAW decoder to JPEG.

Quick Preview window now supports swiping with Magic Mouse and TrackPad. You can even swipe up or down to navigate the Contact Sheet from the Quick Preview window.

Browsing the folders on a network drive is also much faster.

ExifTool has been updated to version 12.00.

Many bugs have been squashed, so the app is now more robust than before.

We hope you enjoy all the new features in this version!

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