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Version 2.9.9 has been released!

This is a fairly major maintenance release, fixing a number of bugs plus adding a new feature:

NEW! WebP image format is now supported under macOS Big Sur.

Bug fix for altering the creation date metadata when adding GPS metadata to videos.

Bug fix for Live Photos detection.

Various bugs have been fixed, some could lead to app crash.

ExifTool has been updated to version 12.29.

Version 3.0.0 coming soon. Here is a preview on some of the features:

  • Split view - compare two images side-by-side with synchronized zooming and scrolling

  • Batch Image Resize and image resize while copying

  • Batch Image Export with option to resize

  • File format conversion

  • Smart Files Ingress process from memory cards

  • Favorite Exif Tags in Inspector

  • Many new file filters -- one of them for filtering files by GPS distance

  • And much more!

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