Version 3.0.0 has been released!

Updated: Jan 29

This is a major release of ApolloOne. We are moving to subscription based model so we can continue to develop the app and better support our users. There is now a Standard Edition and a Pro Edition subscription. The subscription period is one (1) year.

Existing version 2.x users will get a Standard Edition perpetual license when they upgrade to version 3. There are more features in version 3 Standard Edition than the features in version 2. Version 2 paid users can choose to subscribe to the Pro Edition for half the subscription price compared to new version 3 users.

Pro Edition will have many new and exciting features like Split View, favorite EXIF tags, filtering files based on GPS distance calculation or GPS altitude calculations, importing files from memory cards, resizing files and exporting files in various formats and much more.

Here is a list of new version 3 features:

  • NEW! Batch Image Resize and Format Conversion function(2).

  • NEW! Batch Image Export(2).

  • NEW! Crop, resize and export images in HEIC format(2).

  • NEW! Import files from memory cards(2).

  • NEW! Combine JPEG+RAW, Files other than RAW, RAW Only and All Files Display Modes.

  • NEW! Split View for side-by-side image comparison(2).

  • NEW! EXIF Toolbox functions: Set EXIF Digitized Date to File Creation Date and Sync XMP Sidecar File to Image(2).

  • NEW! Browsing History for quickly switching between multiple events or projects(2).

  • NEW! Favorite Exif Tags in the Inspector(2).

  • NEW! Search files with any Exif Tags in the Inspector with RegEx support(2).

  • NEW! Keywords Management and Keywords Filter(2) in the Inspector.

  • NEW! Original Filename and Timeline rules for Batch Rename(1).

  • NEW! Color temperature and tint adjustments for RAW images.

  • NEW! Filters for video files, RAW files, GPS Distance Measurement(2), GPS Altitude Distance(2) and inverting filter.

  • NEW! GPS Display Format selections and GPS Distance Measurement functions(2).

  • NEW! "New Folder with Selection" in the Browser's context menu.

  • Enhanced print options.

  • Enhanced "Edit Metadata..." functionality.

  • Direct file rename from the thumbnail.

  • Improves file deletion functionality.

  • Updates Exiv2 to version 0.27.5.

  • Updates MediaInfo to version 21.09.

  • Updates ExifTool to version 12.39.

  • Enhancements and bug fixes.

1. Requires Subscription to Standard Edition.

2. Requires Subscription to Pro Edition.

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