Version 3.1.2 has been released!

In this release, we added a couple of new features:

  • Refresh All Thumbnails with multi-core processing.

  • Setting to disable the processing of Live Photos.

ExifTool has been updated to version 12.44.

Plus several bug fixes and enhancements:

  • REGRESSION: RAW file not tagged when tagging color label or rating star in Combine JPEG+RAW display mode.

  • REGRESSION: DNG files not paired correctly with .HEIC files.

  • RAW files not paired correctly with .HIF files when recovered from Trash.

  • Contact Sheet content not scrolled when jumping to the first or last thumbnail with fn+left arrow / fn+right arrow keys.

  • File pointer not positioned correctly when doing a delete in Contact Sheet with multiple files selection.

  • Sort by User Defined Sequence will loop if the plist file contains less files than the current sort order.

  • Sort by EXIF > Date Time Digitized will use the file's creation date to help maintain file order.

  • Portrait .HIF images from Sony A7 Mark IV are now displayed correctly. This is caused by a bug in the Sony image which does not contain the EXIF.Orientation metadata.

  • Corrections to language translations.


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