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Version 3.1.3 has been released!

In this release, we added a few new features:

  • Keep Folder Sort Settings under the Sort menu

  • Image rotation buttons directly accessible on the thumbnail in Contact Sheet.

  • Added "SelectFirstImageAfterSort" setting, please refer to Special User Defaults section of the Help book.

The "Keep Folder Sort Settings" will enable ApolloOne to save the Sort settings on a per folder basis. So when you revisit the folder, it'll automatically reload the last sort settings used for the folder.

The image rotation buttons on the thumbnail will allow multiple image rotation if the mouse pointer is hovered on top of one of the selected thumbnails. Otherwise, only one image is rotated.

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • REGRESSION: The file delete context menu in Contact Sheet was deleting the selected thumbnails instead of the one selected by mouse right click.

  • REGRESSION: Batch image rotation and batch delete GPS coordinates were broken in the last release.

  • If you exited ApolloOne in Contact Sheet mode, double clicking a file in Finder to open it with ApolloOne will open the app in photo viewing mode, instead of Contact Sheet mode.

  • Added "New Folder" button for "Copy To" and "Move To" file dialog box (only applies to Big Sur and Monterey).

  • Small enhancement with file pointer positioning when deleting multiple files or when hiding thumbnails in Contact Sheet.


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