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Version 3.1.4 has been released!

In this release, we added a few new features:

  • Import Files Toolbar button.

  • Option to eject memory card when finished importing files.

  • Addition of "No Rating" in the Inspector File Filters panel.

  • Command+Option+number shortcut key filter. For example, if you press command+option+3, it'll activate rating filter for all files with 3-star rating and above.

  • When using the "Sync XMP Sidecar File to Image...", Finder color tags and Star Rating are now sync'ed to the Extended Attributes when Metadata Source is set to "Use macOS Extended Attributes" or "Combine both settings".

  • Open Help in Web Browser under the Help menu.

  • Performance improvement when scanning folder with > 50,000 files. Now the processing is almost instant.

  • Improved the speed for Refresh All Thumbnails.

  • Improved the speed for deleting multiple images.

In addition, we now have the manual in PDF format on our website. It is located on the Tutorial page.

Plus a few bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the sorting animation is not correctly rendering the thumbnail images and filenames. This happens mostly in the filmstrip in photo viewing mode.

  • Fixed a bug where an app crash can occur if sort by File Size.

  • Fixed a bug for changing selection for Split View in Contact Sheet with Shift+Left/Right arrows selection.

  • Fixed the status message positioning error with the "Add Tag" panel.

  • Shortcut keys changes for Refresh Thumbnail and Refresh All Thumbnails due to conflict with the shortcut key (Command+L) when a video is being played.

  • REGRESSION: Fixed inability for Quick Preview window to play animated GIF image.

  • REGRESSION: The Contact Sheet selections filter was broken in last release.

  • REGRESSION: Prevent resetting to the first file if user double clicks on a file in Finder to open it and the sorting sequence is not by File Name or File Path. Also prevent resetting to the first file when switching Browsing History.

  • REGRESSION: Fixed a bug where the stat gathering for RAW files is broken due to changes in behavior with a macOS system API.


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