What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

  • Full version allows you to edit EXIF, Makernotes and some common XMP/IPTC data fields in the Inspector. Just double click a field and select or type in a new value.

  • Allows multi-file operations (set GPS coordinates, image rotation, change file creation dates, remove metadata, edit metadata, etc.)

  • Batch Rename of files.

  • Cropping of images.

  • Folder browser has the ability to resolve folder aliases or symbolic links.

  • Image file aliases can be resolved and displayed.  You can also perform tagging and metadata changes to the original file via the alias.

  • iTunes music can be played without the 30 seconds limit when running the slideshow.

  • Shuffled playback for slideshow.

  • Unlimited dragging of images or videos from the main window to an external application (such as WhatsApp and word processing applications).

  • You are not limited to the number of times you can perform drag-and-drop into the window and perform “File > Open…” operation.

I purchased version 1.x, do I have to pay again for version 2.0?

  • There is no need to pay again, you are automatically upgraded to version 2.0, all new features are available to you.

Can I use the free version indefinitely?

  • Sure you can! However, a message will popup reminding you to purchase the Full Version after using the free version for 14 days. We hope you enjoy using ApolloOne!