Version 2.9.8 has been released!

This is a fairly major maintenance release, fixing a number of outstanding bugs plus adding a few enhancements:

NEW! You can now print multiple images on the same page with Contact Sheet printing.

The caching performance has been improved when loading the first image in a folder.

Bug fix for resolving folder alias and file alias in Edit Metadata and other places.

Bug fix for blank video playback and video rotation on certain H.264 and AVI files. All video files should playback correctly now and you should be able to rotate them without issue.

Various minor bug fixes for Edit Metadata dialog.

Enhanced the visibility of divider in Places.

ExifTool has been updated to version 12.28.

Version 3.0.0 coming soon. Here is a preview on some of the features:

  • Split view - compare two images side-by-side with synchronized zooming and scrolling

  • Batch Image Resize and image resize while copying

  • Smart Files Ingress process from memory cards

  • New file filters

  • And much more!

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