Version 3.0.9 has been released!

In this release, we restored the shortcut keys for the video controller so that you can fast forward, rewind, and perform frame stepping control with the keyboard. The shortcut keys are identical to the QuickTime player.

In the Edit Metadata panel, +++ multiple values +++ in the Keywords field is changed to *** multiple values *** to avoid ambiguity with the + operator for adding new keywords.

There are several bug fixes hopefully making the app more stable than ever.


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In this release, we added Show AF Points support for Nikon Z9 camera. Currently, this only works if Auto Area AF is not used. Added Unsharp Mask sharpening tool in the RAW Adjustment panel. Bug fix f

In this release, we added the ability to add or remove keywords when you have selected multiple files and the files have different keywords. In the Edit Metadata panel, you'll see +++ multiple values

In this release, we fixed some regression bugs, one of them is causing images larger than 24 mega pixels not displaying properly on Intel Macs (M1 Macs are not affected). We also fixed a database upgr