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Version 3.3.3 has been released!

In this release, we fixed some regression bugs plus an enhancement:

  • REGRESSION: Deleting multiple RAW files in Contact Sheet was not working in version 3.3.2, it is now fixed.

  • Fixed a bug for not restoring .xmp_original file when executing the function Restore Image to Original under Combined JPEG+RAW Display Mode.

  • Fixed an app crash when cropping an image without color space info in the EXIF metadata.

  • Worked around a macOS bug for displaying double images with Fluid Swipe mode.

  • Histogram will have be updated continuously when playing video (only available for Apple Silicon Macs).

  • The circular progress indicator now has a darker translucent background so it can be seen more easily.

  • Crop image function now works in the background thread so that it will not hang the UI when cropping large PNG files.

  • A Tooltip showing the full filename is added when you hover the mouse pointer over the filename area in the thumbnail.

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